Memory Boards

One of the most common ways I see people sharing their enamel pin collections online is on cork boards! Sometimes these boards are filled with all sorts of pins, but sometimes they're categorized by themes like color or subject matter. 

I've got one of my own that you can see below. The board contains a mixture of pins that I've designed myself, and pins that I've collected from markets and events over time. Some of these are still available for purchase while some are not but I'll link all the shops, products and artists below based on whatever's available :)

My Cat Board

cat enamel pins collection on pin board

1. Chanteii    .   Instagram    .    Pancake Cat from Patreon Pin Club

2. Chanteii    .   Instagram    .    Mini Cat Heads Set (No Longer Available)

3. Just Duet Cat    .   Instagram    .    Unicorn Cat Enamel Pin

4. Ivycdraws    .   Instagram    .    Cat In A Box Enamel Pin

5. Ivycdraws    .   Instagram    .    Sleepy Kitty Enamel Pin

6. Ivycdraws    .   Instagram    .    Siamese Cat In A Box Enamel Pin

7. Chanteii    .   Instagram    .    Meow Ice Cream Cone Enamel Pin

8. Chanteii    .   Instagram    .    Mini Cat Heads Set (No Longer Available)

9. Chanteii    .   Instagram    .    Skate Cat (No Longer Available)

10.  Just Duet Cat    .   Instagram    .    Moon Cat Enamel Pin

11.  Ivycdraws    .   Instagram    .    Bat Cat Enamel Pin

12. Tsuchronicl    .   Instagram    .    Cat Bus Enamel Pin

13.   Ivycdraws    .   Instagram    .    Ghost Cat Enamel Pin

14. Chanteii    .   Instagram    .    Mini Cat Heads Set (No Longer Available)

15.   Ivycdraws    .   Instagram    .    Scaredy Cat Enamel Pin

16.   Ivycdraws    .   Instagram    .    Vampire Cat Enamel Pin

17. Chanteii    .   Instagram    .    Mini Cat Heads Set (No Longer Available)

18. Berntkat    .   Instagram    .    Witches Club Enamel Pin


I'm a huge fan of all of these creators so please go check them out :D! If something is unavailable right now it might not mean that it will always be unavailable, I suggest following the artist on social media for updates if there's something that you're hoping to see again. Otherwise I'm sure you'll also find their newer products to be super loveable as well :). 


I think we sometimes forget is that apart from just using cork boards to hold our enamel pins is that we can use them functionally to replace thumbtacks as well. Traditionally cork boards are used to hold information, almost like a collage of sorts depending on what you're using it for. For instance it can be something like little notes from your day to day life, reminders, shopping lists, inspiring images, magazine clippings, coupons, you name it. Personally I love using cork boards to hold photographs. I've got a large pile of polaroids that I've been collecting over the years with all of my favorite memories. 

Hangry enamel pin with polaroid on cork board

Here's one of my hubby waiting to eat :D. Look how much cuter it is when we replace the thumbtacks with the little Hangry Heart Enamel Pin from the Hungry Kid's Club! (I try to use pins with themes relating to the picture for added cuteness :))

hello kitty polaroid with chanteii enamel pin

Here's one of me and dad from a few Christmas' ago. Since the polaroids are pretty small usually 1 pin anywhere (top, left, right, or bottom) will hold the picture in place. Here I've got a Christmas themed Merry Bow Pin from Chanteii

Pro Tip:  When using enamel pins to hold pictures on your corkboard, place the pin point on the cork board next to the picture and use the flat surface of the pin to hold the picture down rather than puncturing your precious pictures! We don't want any holes in these beauties.


Polaroid pictures decorated with enamel pins

Apart from using enamel pins to hold your pictures in place, they can also be used to decorate and add to the overall theme of your photographs! Here I've got some pins to match to the color of my hair, and some dessert pins to remind us how great the dessert bar was at the New Years Eve party that we went to!

Pins from top to bottom (Left Side)
Mini Cat Pins by ChanteiiUnicorn Cat by Just Duet Cat, Bunny Crepe by ShiraYukiNikki

Pins from top to bottom (Right Side)
Meow Ice Cream Cone by Chanteii, Mini Cat Pins by Chanteii, Sleepy Pudding by DashayildirimPancake Cat from Chanteii's Patreon Pin Club.


Memory Boards

Lately I've actually taken a liking to creating memory boards :). These are boards dedicated to different events and moments in my life that I wanted to feature around my home, decorated with stickers and enamel pins that I've collected. It's really a combination of all the ideas above. Here's how you can make one:

enamel pins, stickers, souvenirs, and polaroids 

What you'll need:

- Enamel Pins
- Souvenirs (In this case I've got some enamel pins that I bought from my trip!)
- Stickers
- A Pen or Marker
- Some Photographs
- A corkboard
- Something to make your board stand:

Option 1: Display stand (Here's a beautiful rose gold one from Amazon, but you can also find similar ones at your local dollar store)

Option 2: Easel Back (These are self adhesive cardstock backs that you can add to any frame to make them stand! I use these all the time to make displays, you can get them at Amazon)

Option 3: Just prop it up! :) sometimes a little box behind the board might work if your board is not too big. If it has trouble staying put just add some tape to the back!

Other fun items you can include:

- Ticket stubs or Receipts
- Souvenirs (Little trinkets, or post cards :) Pretty much anything that fits on the board will work!)
- Memos or Notes 
- Gift Wrap/Patterned Paper/Scrapbooking Paper (This will allow you to make new backgrounds and cover up the cork :))

Polaroid pictures

First what you'll need to do is to play around with some potential layouts! On this board I've chosen four photos from my honeymoon to Hawaii to be the main features on my board. 

Getting crafty with stickers

Once you've settled on a layout, you can start adding other elements! Here I'm playing around with different ways I can add some stickers to my board. (These stickers are from Daiso)

Enamel pins

When you're ready to add on more elements you can start by removing the backs of your enamel pins! We won't be needing the backs anymore if we end up using all of the pins on the board, but keep them somewhere safe so you can use them if you ever take the pins off the board.

Pins from Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
Yay Enamel Pin from Ivycdraws, Sun and Moon Enamel Pin from Ivycdraws, Aloha Girl from the Polynesian Cultural Centre Gift Shop, Waikiki Hawaii Pin and Aloha Hawaii Pin from Nani Kai Wholesale Retail Store on Lewers Street, Honolulu. 

Using enamel pins and stickers to decorate photographs

Then you can start testing out different ways to place your enamel pins. Keep in mind that your pictures can be held down with enamel pins or stickers, but that it's not 100% necessary! Washi tape on top of your pictures, or some rolled up tape on the back of your pictures will also work. I suggest using a tape that's not too sticky though, double sided tape for instance might rip out some of your cork if you decide to take off your pictures further down the road. 

Decorated corkboard with enamel pins and stickers

When you're happy with your composition you can pin/stick everything down! :) I decided to add a few messages on the polaroids and an "Aloha" on one of the stickers. I also ended up adding a button I purchased from Pineapple County, It's a button that says "Enjoy Life" and there are 3 people sitting on a banana boat :D. Now all you'll need to do is to find a place to put your board! 

Living room decor

I put mine up in my living room on my corner shelf that I purchased from Wayfair :D I really like how it turned out! The whole vibe of the board looks so fun and whimsical, just like our trip to Hawaii!

Let me know if you decide to make one of your own, I'd love to see what you come up with! Tag me on instagram @ivycdraws to show me what you make :). Have a great week and stay healthy everyone!


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