Decorating Storage Baskets

Over the past few weeks we have been talking about styling enamel pins on a variety of clothing items. This week we're going to take a break from clothing and fashion, and hop over to some home decor ideas!

Cute Storage Bench

One of the things I love the most about my home office is my little storage bench. It's a good place to sit and chill, but it also holds a ton of stuff! I bought this storage bench from Wayfair, it's called the Cubeicals Shoe Storage Bench by Closet Maid. The one I have is in White. It's quite a simple piece of furniture and although its not the cutest thing around, adding the right accessories to it really did the trick.

Combining harmonic elements in home decor

The look I was going for was a very comfy, cozy and cute. I achieved this look by combining fluffy textures, soft fabrics, pastel colors with the white storage bench.

1. My Fabric Storage Baskets were purchased at a local Daiso, but they are also available as 8 packs online on their US website. I love the soft canvas texture of these baskets and how well the colors matched with the other elements on my bench. In here are my packaging material, prints, and a variety of papers for making arts and crafts.

2. To fill up the space below the basket and to add an extra compartment for storage, I used the Kuggis Box from Ikea. The boxes have a nice and clean minimal design, and they hold up the fabric baskets perfectly (they're very sturdy despite the heavy weight of the baskets which held a lot of paper materials). 

3. I also added a faux sheepskin rug (Tejn) from Ikea to dress up the cushion. I wasn't able to find Tejn on the Ikea website anymore but they currently carry the Toftlund rug, a fluffy rug made of recycled PET-bottles, and the Rens rug, a sheepskin rug which could also be nice alternatives if you want to recreate this look.

4. Of course, to make the whole thing more "Me" and even more cozy I added a bunch of cute pillows to pull the whole look together. On the left and right I've got Vanilla Cherie's Shiba Inu pillow, and JiJi pillow. Sandwiched between the two is Kawaii Boku's pink macaron pillow (I bought my sister a matching one in green :)). Last but not least I also have the super adorable Chanteii  'cat'er'pillow' :').

I have collected so many cute things from art/craft fairs, markets and anime conventions, so I'm always trying to come up with new ways to use my cute pins, keychains, pillows, and stickers. In this case by combining soft colors and textures with my pastel pillows, I was able to create a cozy bench that you will not find anywhere else!


Amongst my collection of cute things are endless amount of pins. On my storage baskets here I used 3 of my favourite pins. In a perfect world I would use pins with a theme that reflected the inside of my storage baskets(So in this case it would make a lot more sense if the pins I used had something to do with packaging, envelopes, paper, or arts and crafts), but in reality I just ended up going with my 3 favorite pins that also looked good with each other. 

Hustle Daily Enamel Pin by The Fox Knows

First I've got my Hustle Daily pin from The Fox Knows.

Flower Boi Enamel Pin by Angela An

Next I've got my Flower Boi pin from Angela An.

Gaming Controller Enamel Pin by WifiClub

Finally I've got my Playstation controller pin from ClubWifi. (This pin would also be so cute on a storage bin for storing games or controllers!)

Pro Tip: Although themes of these pins don't necessarily align with one another, they form a sort of visual unity if you look at the storage bins going from left to right. It starts with a White pin, White and Black pin, and then finishing up with a Black pin. The gradient we have going from left to right helps tie the look together even though the pins aren't necessarily related in anyway. If you're someone with a collection of pins in varying themes but you want to use some of them together, try grouping pins together by color! 


Okay, enough about my storage bench. Truth be told, I actually have some pins on pretty much every storage basket I have around the house. I kind of try to keep it within my own personal space so that I don't overwhelm my husband...but I'm sure he understands :).

Daschund Wiener Dog Enamel Pin by Ivycdraws

In my room I've got a basket of dog toys for my beloved doggy, Creamo. In front of the basket I have a little Ivycdraws wiener dog pin. I really love how the design of the pin matches the function of the box. This basket is from Home Sense.

Pro Tip: To secure the pin on the inside of the basket use a rubber backing so that when you or your pup reach into the basket no one will get scratched or poked by metal. You want to make sure your rubber backs are secure so that they don't fall off and poke your fluffy friend! But honestly, It's mostly just me going in the basket, Creamo usually just points at the toy she wants with her nose unless the toy already sticking out. 


Cute Pastel Pins and Buttons by Alpaca Galore and Puffifish

Hopping over to my closet, I've got some baskets to hold scarves and cardigans. I found this blue basket at Winners many years ago, but what I love the most about it is the soft blue and white color scheme. It's weird to say this about a storage basket, but it just looks so soft and cuddly. To add to the soft and cuddly look, I added 2 pastel colored heart buttons from Puffifish/Puffiology, and a pink and blue alpaca from Alpaca Galore.


Throughout my house I use a lot of art and products by a bunch of different artists who I love and find inspiring. I find that this really motivates me to create and seeing such cute products just makes me so happy. How do you guys decorate your homes? Do you use enamel pins and buttons in your decoration? Let me know in the comments or dm me on instagram! I'd love to see what you come up with and share home decor ideas :).

Have fun decorating, I'll see you next week!

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