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I think that enamel pins are most often worn with casual outfits and backpacks, but actually they pair quite well with work appropriate and formal attire. For one, enamel pins actually look quite dazzling on dress shirt collars and blazers.


Asymmetrical Designs

If you're hoping to create an asymmetrical look with your pins, the key is to find two pins that are similar in size and similar in theme. For instance, we've paired two different constellation pins together to create one cohesive look. When choosing a shirt color, darker colored shirts really allow the metallic qualities of the pins to stand out and shine, whereas lighter colored clothing create a more elegant look. Here we have the Leo Zodiac Constellation Pin, and Moon and Stars Constellation Pin on the black shirt, and Pisces Zodiac Constellation Pin and Moon and Stars Constellation Pin on the white shirt.

Reindeer Antler Enamel Pins on Shirt Collar

Symmetrical Designs

To create a symmetrical look, many artists actually design pin sets that function perfectly on collars. On the left here I have my Reindeer Antler designs which you've previously seen worn on hats in my blog post "Hat Day". At the bottom right corner, I want to share with you a pin that's been on my wish list. It's PaperShuttle's Laurel Branches pin set (I love it so much!)The black and gold makes it easy to match with outfits and I can see the elegant design working so well with work outfits. Other pins that I could also create amazing symmetrical pairings would be my Mighty Pencil pin, my Winter Snowflake pin, and Kawaii Boku's Cheery Blossom Pin


Lapel pin on mens suit


So far all of the outfits we've shared have been on female outfits, but that doesn't mean that they won't work on menswear! The photos are mainly on female outfits because that's what I have access to. With all that aside we can't let girls have all of the fun, anyone can easily spice up their work outfits with a simple pin. This photo was from a photoshoot we did for my Perseus and Andromeda couple's pin set, and the two are meant to be worn as a pair between lovers. While pins on blazers are most often worn as a fashion accessory there are also situations where they're worn as part of a uniform to show what brand or company someone might be working with. 

Pro Tip: Developing custom uniforms for everyone in your company can be quite costly depending on the size of your team, but having employees wear a matching set of pins can be a good alternative for special events or work interactions. Depending on the situation, branding pins can also act as nice gifts for clients that can also raise brand awareness.


Got any other ideas for adding enamel pins to work outfits? Let me know in the comments section! I also have some other outfit ideas in our blog if you haven't seen them already :). I'll be back next week with some new ideas on how you can wear and use your enamel pins, until then I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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