AC Pin Bundle


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Adorable animals from the land and from the sea, all inspired by the adventures in Animal Crossing. Each animal and fruit pin comes with a collecting card and sticker so you can track everything you've caught so far.  Choose any embroidery pin from this series for your bundle by leaving a note regarding your selections during checkout. "All the pins" orders will include one of each pin by default and require no special note during checkout. 


Below are a list of the names for the Pins in order of appearance separated by category:


  1. Banded Dragonfly  (3.8cm long)
  2. Bee  (3cm long)
  3. Atlas Moth  (6.3cm wide)
  4. Ladybug  (2.2cm long)
  5. Emperor Butterfly  (5.8cm wide)
  6. Blue Rosalia Batesi Beetle  (3.8cm long)
  7. Queen Alexandra's Birdwing  (6.5cm wide)
  8. Horned Hercules  (4.2cm long)


  1. Mahimahi  (6.2cm wide)
  2. Seahorse  (3.8cm long)
  3. Golden Trout  (5.6cm wide)
  4. Ranchu Goldfish  (4cm wide)
  5. Ocean Sunfish  (5.4cm wide)
  6. Red Snapper  (5.2cm wide)
  7. Goldfish (4cm wide)
  8. Great White Shark  (7cm wide)


  1. Pear  (3cm long)
  2. Peach  (2.3cm long)
  3. Cherry  (2.7cm wide)
  4. Apple  (2.3cm wide)
  5. Orange  (2.6cm long)
  6. Sparkle  (2.6cm long)
  7. Coconut  (3.2cm long)
  8. Leaf  (3.1cm wide)


  1. Elephant Watering Can  (4.5cm wide)
  2. Fishing Rod  (6cm long)
  3. Net  (6cm long)

* For the images of the back of the pins please visit their individual product listings.

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