What to wear to the perfect summer picnic

picnic basket with forget me not pinsNow that summertime is officially here, it is finally the perfect weather to go on picnics! ☀️ And with the Canada/Fourth of July long weekend around the corner, what better time to spend some quality time with your loved ones? 💕

Here is our guide to the perfect outfit for your next summer picnic!



A Brimmed Hat

wide brimmed sunhat with daisy flower pins

 The sun is lovely, but she doesn’t play around with those UVA/UVB rays. Hats are a stylish and easy way to keep your head cool, shield you from the sun’s rays, and protect your eyes.


A Light, Loose Outfit

girl in beige linen dress with little buddies flower pin

Light, flowy fabrics like linen will keep you cool on the perfect warm day. I like dresses because it’s a cute and effortless way to save me the hassle of matching a top and bottom!


A tote bag to hold all your stuff!

tote bag with buttercup flower pins

Sunscreen? Check ✅
Hand sanitizer? Check ✅
Sunglasses? Check ✅
Wet wipes? Check ✅


Or better yet, go all out with a picnic basket!
Here are our favourites from Amazon

picnic baskets



Comfy Shoes

girl in white dress walking on log

As cute as heels would be, they wouldn’t be very practical if you had to climb a hill or play frisbee! Sneakers, sandals, and espadrilles are my go-to shoes 👟


Outfit missing something? Try adding our flower pins to your hat, clothes, bag, etc., for a summery upgrade! 🌼

flower pins

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