Mommy & Me Ideas for Mothers Day

We all know that Mothers Day is a special one for many people, but the one thing that makes it so memorable is the chance to wear matching outfits! No matter how simple it is, the opportunity to showcase your bond in an adorable way is what makes this trend so meaningful. 

 There is nothing more perfect than the fact that Mothers Day is in spring, because our flower collection is a beautiful match for a mother and her child! If you’re not the type to match from head to toe, the flower and bud combination can be just as significant. But if you want to dress you and your child up, we’ve got a couple of companies we can recommend who sell outfits made for mothers and kids! One company we’d like to mention is Ivy City Co. I'm not going to lie, but I absolutely stumbled upon them due to our name similarities, but their designs are absolutely stunning! Beautiful matching dresses for mothers and daughters which I imagine would be so wonderful to wear, especially when the weather is this nice! 

[Above images sourced from Ivy City Co., featuring the Ophelia Dress and baby Ophelia Romper]

Mommy and Me Matching Tote bag Pin pairings

Speaking of the weather, if your family is going out for this beloved day, you can always match accessories as well! creates tote bags that help support local businesses who have been hit by the pandemic as well as a variety of other meaningful causes such as saving bees or providing clean water to those in need. Their bags come in two sizes, which would be perfect for a mother and child and great to accessorize with our flower + bud pin sets or perhaps even our animal embroidery pins for a full on matching set of pretty bugs and fish! 

Shop Daisy Flower Pin
Shop Buttercup Flower Pin
Shop Blue Little Buddies Pin Shop Pink Little Buddies Flower Pin Shop Emperor Butterfly Pin


Camelbak Water bottles and Cosmic Stranger Waterproof Stickers

When you’re out and about enjoying this wonderful occasion, don't forget to stay hydrated! Camelbak has a vast collection of water bottles with a variety of designs and sizes, that you can easily personalize with our waterproof stickers for some extra family matching fun!

Cosmic Stranger Ahh Sticker Cosmic Stranger Wee Sticker Cosmic Stranger Moon Sticker Cosmic Stranger Sticker Sheet Cosmic Stranger Celebrations Sticker Sheet

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