Enamel Pins On Denim

People often ask me how I wear my enamel pins and I have so many ideas! This is why I've decided to dedicate a weekly blog to share all my ideas with you guys. Welcome to Week 1, denim!

One of the most popular ways to wear pins that immediately comes to mind is to pair it with denim. Both light and dark denim but can act as a  canvas for creating a variety of looks that can make you stand out from the crowd.

Gold enamel pin on denim pocket

The Pocket

Denim or not, pockets are often a great place to add an enamel pin for that extra touch of character. Here we have the Virgo pin in gold on a denim shirt from Gap. A light colored pin on darker denim will really make your pin pop and add sparkle to your outfit. For a more muted look, go with a darker colored pin on dark denim as an alternative. 

Pro Tip: When wearing enamel pins on a chest pocket be wary of crossbody bag/purse straps, back packs or any type of weighted straps that sit on the same shoulder. When the straps or bag shifts it can rub against the pin and loosen the clasp. To avoid problems, wear your bag on the opposite shoulder or use a butterfly clasp or locking clasp for more security.


Light denim jacket with silver enamel pin

The Lapel / Jacket Collar

Pair light colored pins with light denim for a more subtle look that can add a touch of elegance or enhance a cute pastel palette. Here we've paired a silver Aquarius pin with a light blue denim jacket from Shida Night Market.


The Collection Jacket

Wearing 1 pin on a jacket is an easy way to make your outfit stand out, but a full blown pins and patches display can create a one of a kind custom jacket that is both bold and memorable.

Denim jacket with a collection of food themed enamel pins and patches.

To start off your collection jacket, begin building a pin and patch collection. Craft fairs, art markets and anime conventions offer a variety of options, but Etsy is also a great place to start where you can shop from the comfort of your own home. Many artists also sell pins and patches on their online stores so keep an eye out for their website when you're browsing art on instagram or pinterest!

Your collection can feature all of your favorite pins, or you can go with a set theme such as your favorite foods, cartoons, activities, color(s) or mythical creatures and much more! Making a collection jacket can be a lot of fun if you enjoy getting crafty. Whatever you choose, your jacket will tell a story like no other.

The jacket we have here is food themed. Starting from the left to the right we have our Dancing Banana Pin, Chicken & Pho Buttons, Lemon Kindness Pin by The Branch and The Vine, Candy Acrylic pin by Krispy Kartoons, our Foodie Egg Pin, Pug Cup Noodle Patch by Puglie, and last but not least we've got the Tiny Lemon and Tiny Riceball by Lychee Mochi. (Jacket from Forever 21)

Jacket Theme Ideas: (1) Create a jacket to tell a specific story. This can be something like, all the things you and your best friend love to do, how you met your significant other, or a series of things that bring back memories from a certain vacation! (2) Curate a collection for a special someone that conveys how much they mean to you, and to show your appreciation for them.

Pro Tip: If you decide to put a pin on your cuffs, try using a rubber backing instead of a metal one to prevent scratching your wrists :). The pin I have on this jacket uses a safety pin rather than a traditional enamel pin backing which offers a more comfortable and secure placement. 


P.S. A majority of the images used in this article is from a photoshoot we did for our constellation pin series with the intention to show people the many ways that pins can be worn, but they can easily be swapped out for a non-constellation pin for a whole new look! 

That's all for this week! Hopefully this blog post will inspire some new outfit ideas for you :) Let me know on instagram if you end up making any new outfits or if you have any denim styling tips to share! I'd love seeing what you guys come up with. Have a great week!

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