Better Together - Our Top 5 Picks to Match with Mom!

Ever since becoming a mother last October I’ve felt such an overwhelming amount of love and care for my baby. It’s honestly like nothing I have ever experienced! As I go through my day to day spending each precious minute with my little one it really makes me think about my mom and how much she has sacrificed for my sister and I, and how she’s supported our growth every step of the way. Whether it’s hugs and kisses, feeding us delicious things, or driving us to and from playdates and various classes, I now see that her whole world revolves around us and it fills my heart with so much warmth. 

One of the things that I have found to be super fun for my baby and I have been putting together matching outfits :). Come take a peak at what we’ve been wearing over at @ivycivyc ! This has been so much fun and has brought me so much joy, which led me to thinking what a great idea it would be to create simple and easy matching outfits for everyone and their mommies!

With Mother’s Day around the corner, here are 5 gift ideas for you to show your mom some love and have fun while you’re at it!  (Or if you’re a mama like me, you can even get some for your little one! Just make sure they’re old enough to know not to eat it :))

Little Pencils

For cute matching outfit grab a pair of pencil pins that show off each of your favourite colours!

Zodiac Signs

For a more elegant look, our Zodiac constellation pins are a beautiful addition to any outfit that not only shows off your sign, but also gives the impression of a matching set while maintaining each individual’s uniqueness.

Self Love Club

Rest and self care is important, especially with all that momming going around! Why not plan a fun girls night at home with sheet masks and pjs or a cute spa day to go with a set of matching Self Love Club pins?

Moon Tarot Bottle Openers

Celebrate this joyous time with our magical Moon Tarot Bottle Openers, get one for you and one for your mom so when you celebrate together you can both open a bottle at the same time! Cheers!

Fifi Picnic Sticker Pack

Gift this sticker pack to your mom and surprise her by taking the two of you out on a picnic or get two packs so both of you can use it in your planners when organizing hangouts with each other!

Don’t forget! If you’re still looking for a Mother’s Day gift, our Two for one Better Together sale is on now until May 14!

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